Hi, all!

It's been nearly 7 years since I last updated my website, and 14 years since I last updated the visual theme of my website, so I figured that I had to do it.

At any rate, hi, I'm Nathan, and this is my little section of the web. Ever since social media has come into being, people have lost the willingness and desire to create these personal outlets for themselves, but since this is what I do for a living I figured that it would be inappropriate for me not to.

At any rate, I decided that a slightly retro look is appropriate for this page. It's done to modern specifications in HTML5 with CSS, but I really do get into the nostalgia of a more innocent web, so this is how I decided to put it together. There's a lot about me that's retro, actually.

Here you will find more than you could find on social media, probably, although I link to everywhere.

I have an art page, a code page and a music page. Enough said.

All of the links now work and go somewhere, so I will call this part of the web a done deal. Peruse away.

— February 15th, 2014