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Christopher Moschkin
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Practice Areas

Impaired Driving

SuperLawyers Rising Stars award for 2024 for DUI and DWI defense. Even other lawyers hire me to represent them for DUI and DWI. I win unwinnable cases that other firms will plea out. DUI and DWI Criminal driving charges that involve impairment, including Impaired Driving and Refusal to Provide a Sample, and Drugged Driving, breathalyzer, blood, refusal. Marijuana/Cannabis DUI. Subsequent offender (2nd, 3rd, 4th DUI/DWI). MVA Hearings. Maryland DUI Lawyer | Montgomery County DWI Attorney. Maryland DUI Lawyer.

Business & Entertainment

As an Entertainment Lawyer, Mr. Moschkin successfully guided his clients to access valuable SVOG grants from the SBA during the pandemic, keeping their businesses alive and funding shows when restrictions eased. He also provided formation and dissolution advice, and expertise on partnership and teaming agreements between agencies and management companies from Miami to Baltimore, and as far as Tennessee. With over 25 years of Entertainment business and law experience, Mr. Moschkin’s law firm offers solutions for talent buyers, marketing managers, talent agents and managers, venue managers, booking agents, promoters, and ticketing companies.

General counsel encompasses crisis management, compliance reporting and public policy advocacy. Guidance on small business acquisition, financing, succession planning, stock purchase agreements, intellectual property sales and leasing, SaaS, transactions, B2B sales, international trade compliance and escrow services.

Drug Offences

Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS). Possession with intent to distribute. Distribution of CDS. Warrantless car searches, warrant searches of home and property. There is a wide range of drug related charges. The type of charge and the consequences you face vary widely in Maryland.

Data Privacy & Cyber Security For Small Business

Don’t lose the company you worked so hard to build. Every company no matter how small, even auto repair shops with two bays, are required to monitor for and report data breaches of client and customer information, even if there are no financial account numbers, all breaches must be reported and dealt with according to statutes.

Failure to comply could cost you everything. Be prepared! Hadden & Moschkin can provide systems, policies, and compliance audits, analysis, advise, consulting, research and execution of Cyber Security and Data Privacy. From compliance with state and international laws to dealing with a data breach Hadden & Moschkin is here to help protect your business from data thieves and hefty fines.

One CIO recently narrowly avoided prison and nearly received a jail sentence for his egregious failures to report a data breach to authorities.

Debt Collection/Contract Disputes

Have you been the victim of a broken promise? Whether you’re facing poor workmanship by a contractor, undelivered goods after payment, or another violated agreement, we fight for your rights. If you’ve been taken advantage of in a business or consumer transaction, we’ll guide you through the process of seeking fair compensation.

Debt Collection Defense

Persistent calls from debt collectors can be overwhelming and confusing. We’ll clarify your rights, explore your options, and work to protect you from unfair or illegal collection practices. Our goal is to help you resolve outstanding debts strategically, defending you from actions like wage garnishment and aggressive payment demands.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Okay, imagine you get your first credit card and accidentally overspend a little. Suddenly, you start getting calls from debt collectors. They might be rude, calling you late at night, or even threatening to tell embarrassing things to your friends or family. That’s messed up, right?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a law that puts limits on what debt collectors can and can’t do. It’s like a set of rules they have to play by. This law says they can’t harass you, lie to you, or try to scare you into paying. They have to tell you who they are, how much you owe, and give you options for handling the debt.

If a debt collector breaks the rules, you have the right to tell them to stop contacting you. You can even report them to the government, and they might have to pay you for breaking the law. The FDCPA is there to make sure the debt collection process is fair, even if you do owe money.

Asset Recovery

Whether your oil rig equipment is under seizure by the United States of America or if the local police seized your cash from a traffic stop, from the Office of Foreign Asset Control to your Sheriff, I can help recover governmentally confiscated assets.

OFAC vs. Local Authorities

While both local police asset seizure and OFAC forfeited property involve taking possession of assets, the reasons and procedures behind them are quite different. Here’s a breakdown of the key distinctions:

Local Police Asset Seizure

  • Legal justification: Probable cause is required for seizing the asset. This means law enforcement must have a reasonable belief that the asset is connected to a crime.
  • Potential outcome:
    • If charges are dropped or the defendant is acquitted, the seized asset may be returned to the owner.
    • If the asset is proven to be involved in criminal activity, it may be forfeited and sold at auction. Proceeds from these sales often go towards funding law enforcement operations.

OFAC Forfeited Property

  • Who seizes: Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), a department of the US Treasury.
  • Reason for seizure: Assets owned by individuals or entities on the US sanctions list. These sanctions are economic restrictions placed on certain countries or individuals to achieve foreign policy or national security goals.
  • Legal justification: No criminal charges are necessary. Being on the sanctions list is enough for OFAC to freeze or seize the assets.

Experience Where it Matters.

I have experience winning jury trials, federal question civil litigation in federal courts, winning family law cases, beating prosecutors in major felony gun and drug cases, as well as a myriad of traffic offenses. I won my first ever jury trial as a solo lawyer (by myself) against one of the top rated litigation firms in Montgomery County Maryland. I won my first ever major federal lawsuit against a billion dollar hedge fund from Texas, against top ranked lawyers from two firms in two states. I recovered money for discrimination by an elite private school against an disabled six year old girl against one of the top education lawyers in the state.


What clients say

“Chris had every charge dropped for me facing a DUI from back in April.. he was communicative, supportive, professional, we were in and out of the court room in 10 minutes, absolutely worth the money, he saved my life. I’d recommend him to anyone. My life would be very different now if it wasn’t for him. Thank you.”


Chris has been my lawyer since January working with me on a pending case. I hired him after discharging another legal team because I was not finding their guidance helpful. Chris really tailors his recommendations to your circumstances and gives you an individualized action plan rather than offer a catch-all solution that may not suite your case! Not only has he guided me through this VERY stressful process but he also really cares about my well-being and recovery. Chris treats you like a real person and not a transactional client. I’ve also witnessed Chris give back to his community and he truly wants to see people thrive not just survive.


Very knowledgeable and talented lawyer. Would absolutely recommend. He will take the time to thoroughly answer any questions while making sure clients have a clear understanding. He also truly puts in effort and doesn’t settle for easy outcomes, instead he fights for his clients to the fullest extent.









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