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A Local law firm serving Montgomery, Frederick, Prince George’s, and Howard counties.



Law firm history

Hadden & Moschkin was started in December 2018 by lead attorney Chris Moschkin to provide the community with affordable, reliable, dependable legal representation on par with much more expensive lawyers and firms. In fact beating the big guys is what this firm stands for. In 2021 we settled an undisclosed amount for a Jamaican immigrant client in Takoma Park against a multi-billion-dollar hedge-fund from Texas. The hedge-fund employed two law firms, one from Tampa, Florida and one from Baltimore, Maryland. They are both top rated law firms that represent the extremely wealthy organizations and people. Two firms vs. One local MoCo boy lawyer — Chris Moschkin’s first Federal case — it was a victory for his clients and a warning to the rich and powerful — if you come to MoCo to injure and or harm the legal rights of our citizens, you will be met with equal and exceedingly skillful legal force.   Mr. Moschkin is a warrior for justice, whether protecting your rights during a DUI, more serious felony charges, or returning your children in custody battles, our firm’s commitment to our clients and justice is unwavering.

Why we are different?

Impaired Driving

Our attorneys are incredibly respected in central Maryland for DUI and DWI practice. Some examples of past clients are other lawyers charged with DUI, PhD’s in Pharmacy and biomedical sciences, MBA’s and business executives, and Law Enforcement Officers charged with DUI and DWI all choose to hire our firm because they know who to hire for excellent representation in the toughest situations.

Small Business General Counsel

The ability to give you the “big law firm” services and quality at a local and affordable price. Whether you are an auto repair shop in Rockville, a Beer, Wine, Deli in Silver Spring, or own a small SBA certified Government contracting company under 8(a) regulations, we can assist you in all matters pertaining to your business!

Qualified and highly educated in the areas of business law. Essentials of law business including:

  • Corporate Formation and Maintenance
  • Employee and Contractor Agreements
  • Contract Review, Creation, and Negotiation
  • Website Policies, Terms, & Conditions
  • Advertising FCC & FTC Compliance
  • Data rights and privacy law/data breach response team.

Drug Offences

There is a wide range of drug related charges. The type of charge and the consequences you face depend on many factors. Individual case assessments and during a free consultation is recommended. Out of all of the drug distribution cases handled by this firm, no client has ever gone to prison or been tagged as a lifelong felon. That means no drug dealer has ever become a felon under our representation!


Real Case Examples

  • State of Maryland v. Frederick Bray (20230). DUI/DWI with refusal. ALL CHARGES DISMISSED.
  • State of Maryland v. Annelise Borrel (2023). DUI/DWI. ALL CHARGES DISMISSED!
  • State of Maryland v. Marcus Perrin (2023). Practice Area: DUI and DWI. Date: Jan 09, 2023Outcome:Incarcerable DUI/DWI charges all dismissed. Description: DUI/DWI charges dismissed. Pled to reckless driving. Kept his job!
  • State of Maryland v. Gregory Eugene Peterson Farmer, Jr. ()ALL CHARGES DISMISSED!) Practice Area: Criminal defense. Date: Dec 16, 2022Outcome: Defense Counsel’s motion to dismiss granted on constitutional grounds. Description: Felon in possession of firearm: 9 years MANDATORY MIN up to 40 years. Loaded handgun on person. Loaded handgun in vehicle. Felon in possession of ammunition. 9 years minimum. Facing total of 40 years in prison. Felon in Possession of Firearm.
  • State of Maryland v. C.J. Cook (2022). DUI/DWI Subsequent Offender with 5 Years Suspended “back up time” if convicted. ALL CHARGES DISMISSED!
  • State of Maryland v. Jorge Montes (2022). Practice Area: DUI and DWI Date: Dec 09, 2022 Outcome: DUI/DWI charges totally dismissed. Client was very happy! Description: DUI/DWI dismissed for negligent driving plea. 3rd DUI facing mandatory incarceration.
  • State of Maryland v. Sylvester Johnson (2021) Practice Area: DUI and DWI Date: May 01, 2022Outcome:All incarcerable charges dismissed. Negligent driving, 1 point. Description: DUI/DWI for drug intoxication. Police found defendant unconscious as the result of a single car collision with a telephone pole. Pole and car were destroyed. At Circuit Court jury trial, was able to convince the judge to suppress most of the evidence. Client had 10 years backup time for possible felony violation of probation if we lost this case. State dismissed the charges and allowed to plea to negligent driving.
  • State of Maryland v. Elizabeth Cervantes (2022). Practice Area: DUI and DWI Date: Mar 17, 2022Outcome:All charges dismissed except for reckless driving, no points on license. DUI/DWI dismissed. Unsupervised probation. Description: Marijuana DUI/DWI with Drug Recognition Expert witness.
  • State of Maryland v. Bekine Ayele (2022). Practice Area: DUI and DWI Date: Mar 07, 2022Outcome:All incarcerable charges dismissed. Reckless driving, no points. Description: DUI/DWI Marijuana with police witnesses present.
  • State of Maryland v. Skylar Ha***in (2000). Practice Area: Criminal defense Date: Aug 19, 2020Outcome:1 year *unsupervised* Probation Before Judgement – **Eligible for expungement**. Description: Client was charged with disqualified person in possession of an unregistered firearm after an illegal warrantless search of his home. After filing a motion to suppress the evidence, and knowing that I would win the motion and the state would be left with no evidence to convict, the prosecutor offered my client the deal of a lifetime rather than lose the motion hearing and ultimately the trial. Client being risk adverse accepted the plea. The plea was for two years unsupervised probation before judgement. If the client stays out of trouble in Maryland for 1 year, he can have his record expunged (removed from his record). That’s what we in the legal industry refer to as a “win-win”.
  • State of Maryland v. Andrew S***on. Practice Area: Criminal defense. Date: Aug 10, 2020Outcome:Not GuiltyDescription:1000grams of MDMA; 545 grams Cocaine, 263 Xanax “bars”, 200 “Ecstasy” tablets. Client’s home was raided with a search warrant b members of the major crimes unit Baltimore City Police Department task force and the Drug Enforcement Agency. The police discovered a safe with $25,000 cash; 1 kilo MDMA; approximately 1/2 kilo of cocaine, 263 xanax “bars”, and over 200 pressed “ecstasy” tablets (more MDMA). Client was charged with manufacture and distribution of schedule I and Schedule II substances as well as conspiracy to distribute narcotics. Through diligent research I discovered the warrant was invalid and all of the evidence inadmissible in court, without the drugs the state had no case against my client and all charges were dropped. Instead of spending 10-20 years in prison, he is free to live his life after learning his lesson and promising me he was turning over a new leaf and would no longer sell drugs. The community is safer because he is not selling drugs anymore, and his life wasn’t needlessly ruined with a barbaric prison sentence. Everyone wins!
  • State of Maryland vs. Megan G**** Ro**rs. Practice Area: DUI and DWI. Date: Jan 17, 2020Outcome:Case Dismissed With Prejudice (the prosecutors cannot retry the case, no more prosecution allowed by the judge). Description: Client was driving the wrong direction on highway Interstate 370 in Gaithersburg, MD. Client pulled over and failed all field tests. Client blew a 0.18 Blood Alcohol Content in the police station. I subpoenaed the breathalyzer technician to examine him on the witness stand to ensure that the device was properly calibrated and administered according to state accepted procedure and scientific protocol. The state prosecutors failed to secure the essential witnesses on two occasions. After the second time, I and made a motion to dismiss the charges with prejudice in violation of her speedy trial rights under the Maryland Hicks rule. The Judge granted my motion to dismiss the case and client suffered no penalties or consequences and her case is now eligible for expungement.


Our team

Chris Moschkin


Christopher Moschkin is an attorney who represents clients in the Aspen Hill, Maryland area. Christopher Moschkin is recognized by peers and was selected to Rising Stars for 2024. This selection is based off of an evaluation of 12 indicators including peer recognition and professional achievement in legal practice.

Christopher Moschkin chose to pursue a career in law after completing undergraduate studies. He attended University of Baltimore School of Law and graduated in 2014. Christopher Moschkin passed the bar exam and was admitted to legal practice in 2018.

He represents clients with Criminal Defense: DUI / DWI issues in Maryland.

Being selected to Rising Stars is limited to a small number of attorneys in each state. As one of the few attorneys to garner the distinction of Rising Stars, Christopher Moschkin has earned the respect of peers as one of the top-rated attorneys in the nation.

He is currently serving a term on the University of Baltimore School of Law Alumni Board of Directors. He is also serving on the IntoxaLock National Attorney Advisory Counsel for which he was selected for his excellence in DUI and DWI defense.

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